Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1980 House.. our bedroom

I look at this closet and realize it bears no resemblance to the one here now.. It's so messy and cluttered now.. gotta work on that

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1980 House..finishing inside

1980 House.. rooms taking shape

While we worked on the walls upstairs, the girls had fun in the basement.
Big Wheels and roller skates kept them entertained.

1980 House views

View from the road

Parking is actually to the left of the house now and the front of the house is the yard
We built IN the woods but we are not in the woods today..trees have come out one by one.

1980 House Roof

The back of the house

1980 house walls

Flooring over the basement

Walls go up.. first floor

1980 foundation

1980 House.. driveway

The first thing one has to do is to make a driveway passable.. We did that in 1980, and made it smoother in 1983.. and yes, that really is me running the box on the back of that dump truck.

1996 Butler County Dairy Princess

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Paul 2 tormenting Tootsie

Wendy, JJ, Uncle Charlie Imm, Mandy, Paul 2


Paul 2

Charmin.. our fluffy, squeezably soft cat.. We miss her



Paul 2 and Wendy

Mandy and Wendy play with dollies


Wendell and J.J.

P2.. why the frown?

JJ's first tractor driving job.. with big brother Paul watching

Gramma Gayle Imm and JJ

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PHB 1 and PHB 2

1971 Grampa Blair and namesake Paul

JJ and Grampa Imm

Trick or Treat

Wendy the clown and Mandy the pirate

1994 Butler County Pa Dairy Princess

JJ Blair

P2 played baseball

1973 JJ baptism

All the girls were baptised in the same dress.. one
from Annabelle from Saks 5th Avenue.. it's still beautiful

PHB 1 and PHB 2

Grampa Blair and Paul 2

1974 Gramma Imm, JJ

JJ and Gramma Imm.. this was taken on the mountain at Logan's Ferry.. That's the infamous highlift in the background

Dad with JJ and Paul 2