Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PHB 1 and PHB 2

1971 Grampa Blair and namesake Paul

JJ and Grampa Imm

Trick or Treat

Wendy the clown and Mandy the pirate

1994 Butler County Pa Dairy Princess

JJ Blair

P2 played baseball

1973 JJ baptism

All the girls were baptised in the same dress.. one
from Annabelle from Saks 5th Avenue.. it's still beautiful

PHB 1 and PHB 2

Grampa Blair and Paul 2

1974 Gramma Imm, JJ

JJ and Gramma Imm.. this was taken on the mountain at Logan's Ferry.. That's the infamous highlift in the background

Dad with JJ and Paul 2

Paul 2 on his motorcycle

JJ Dairy princess

Gramma Imm went to as many of JJ's events as she could

JJ Butler Co Dairy Princess

That's me with JJ, my mom and Wendy

JJ and her court

1972 Paul Blair ii

Hope I haven't already posted this.. but it's sooooo cute! Obviously Christmas?!

2001 Honors for Keith

JJ, Keith, Keith's dad

Blair becomes Valentine

1998 Wendy and me